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DharmaNet  -  One of the best sources for Buddhist material online, DharmaNet has built an excellent library of text and image files.   The DharmaNet File Archive is a must see.

World Wide Web Virtual Library  -  This perennial favorite Buddhist page is maintained by staff members of the Australian National University.   Their's is widely recognized as one of the best collections in the world.

Access to Insight  -  In this site John Bullitt has done a fine job of bringing text materials to the Web.

And last, but not least, please check out Dharma Ring.   Dharma Ring is a virtual sangha (community) of web sites dealing with Buddhism.   The sites in the group have all met certain standards of membership and all offer interesting, and differing, insights into Buddhist belief and practice.   See the box on the main page for Dharma Ring options, or just try one of these links:

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Updated 4/4/99