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Books by Ajahn Chah

(Achaan Chah)

A Still Forest Pool:   The Insight Meditation of Achaan Chah  -  (By Ajahn Chah and Jack & Paul Kornfield)   Buddhism in the forests of Northern Thailand.   This book is a highly readable, simple yet deep introduction to Buddhist life, practices and attitudes.   It is anecdotal in style rather than systematic or comprehensive.   It describes life in a remote forest monastery in Northern Thailand but always stays relevant to the everday life of a city dwelling westerner.   Achaan Chah was one of the masters under whom Jack Kornfield practiced meditation.   This book would make an ideal gift for someone interested to know about Buddhism but is also of value to someone already quite familiar with Buddhism.   Its emphasis is constantly on the value of practice rather than too much intellectualising.   I recommend it highly.   (Review written by an reader from Canberra, Australia, January 31, 1999.)

A Taste of Freedom  -  There's no description for this book on   So, if you've read it, please write to me and give me a synopsis that I can post here.   (Availability note from   This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks.   Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock.   We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.)

Books by Jack Kornfield

A Path With Heart:   A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life  -  Beloved Western Buddhist master Kornfield makes known his personal, practical wisdom, garnered from 25 years of practicing and teaching the path of awakening, as he guides self-searchers to a simplicity of perception that brings alive spiritual practice, peace, and truth in their daily lives.

Buddha's Little Instruction Book  -  For both the general reader and the spiritual seeker who have tired of the repetitive nature of most self-help books, here is simple advice, gentle guidance, and humor--distilled and adapted for the needs of contemporary life.   Jack Kornfield is a bestselling author as well as a meditation teacher and psychologist.

Buddhism in the West:   Spiritual Wisdom for the 21st Century  -  Buddhism's message of peace is emphasized over and over again in this book which shows how the compassion and tolerance that will make the world a better place begins at home.   Contributors include the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, and others.

Buddhist Meditation and Consciousness Research  -  There's no description for this book on   So, if you've read it, please write to me and give me a synopsis that I can post here.

Living Dharma:   Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters  -  There's no description for this book on   So, if you've read it, please write to me and give me a synopsis that I can post here.


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